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Liqui Moly Smoke Stop Oil (300 ml)

Liqui Moly Oil Smoke Stop is a top-quality engine oil additive that is designed to reduce exhaust smoke caused by oil burning. Made in Germany, this product is formulated with special additives that help to reduce oil consumption and exhaust smoke emissions.

Oil burning can occur due to various factors such as worn piston rings, worn valve guides, or leaking gaskets, resulting in blue or grey smoke being emitted from the exhaust. By using Liqui Moly Oil Smoke Stop, you can reduce this smoke and prevent further damage to your engine.

The Oil Smoke Stop is very easy to use, and it can be added directly to the engine oil. It is compatible with all types of mineral and synthetic engine oils and is suitable for use in gasoline and diesel engines.

Liqui Moly Smoke Stop Oil (300 ml)

SKU: Smoke Stop Oil


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