Our Story`

Torque Block was incorporated in Dubai, UAE in 2016 with an aim to provide best value added service for motor sports and performance parts in the automotive industry. At that time, we were a group of 4 motorsports enthusiasts who met at the Dubai Autodrome during Emirates Motorsports Expo.

With all 4 of us having regular office jobs, we would finish our work, come back home and work for Torque Block late into the evenings and night. The 3 years of business in UAE was hard and unstable but we always stuck together and overcame impossible odds. All of this was possible due to one main reason – Belief. A Belief which was so strong, that no matter how hard the circumstance, we would rise back up.

The India Connection

In June 2019, we decided that we would shift our focus to India with the intention of serving our country and our own people. Owing to limited knowledge in the field of business, we had made several mistakes back when we were in the UAE. Consequently we lost thousands of dirhams but we took this in our stride and chose to learn some valuable lessons from it. We felt that if we were to build anything sustainable and for the long run, the best way would be to restart from scratch back in India.

We began by importing fuel additives called Race Gas from the U.S. and launched our sales in the month of October 2019. We always had an affinity for tyres and were deeply passionate about selling them. We noticed that the tyre industry held a tremendous potential for us if we could devise ways to improve the existing conventional sale of tyres in our country.

Torque Block – Motorcycle Tyres On Demand

In February 2020, we started selling motorcycle tyres with a clear objective to revolutionize the industry in India. We aim to win at everything we do, not just win but dominate. We want to be unique, obscenely hard working and relentlessly focused that we don’t just achieve our goals but go beyond to annihilate any challenges that stand in our way.

We look forward to vertically integrate and spread our operations into the motorcycle tyre business. We choose to go deep rather than going wide and plan to have on demand mobile tyre fitments, offer the widest range of tyres from all the best possible brands and build a complete eco-system around motorcycle tyres.

Our Mission

To live the “customer first” ideology in everything we do and be the absolute best doing it. This means solving a customer’s problem in a way which delivers a WOW experience and help them reach their goals.

Our Vision

The Indian e-commerce segment is expected to grow rapidly due to increased internet and smartphone penetration and become the second largest in the world after China. And one day, most of the transactions will be done online.

Consumers will buy from a company which offers the best selection of products combined with the best service and Torque Block shall be that company.

As we move ahead, the onus is on us to innovate and market the service as per changing technologies and be on the top of our game. This would mean to have products which every consumer would need within our space and to have partnerships with vendors that creates a monopoly to set us apart.

Down the line we will have offline presence, develop and brand products of our own, be involved in export of products and grow as a multi-brand retailer. In addition to this, our aim is to focus on the quality of the products and provide a service that is unmatched by any other company.

With horizontal and vertical integrations built out of Torque Block, our vision is to create 100,000 jobs and build a 100 billion dollar company from scratch.

Our Core Values

These are our 10 core values which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. They are the basic elements of how we do things on a day-to-day basis, how we deal with our customers, vendors and our business partners –

  1. Self-Belief – What we believe in, we can. It means to have faith in ourselves and our abilities. If we strongly believe in a dream with conviction and strive towards it, that dream becomes a reality.
  2. Leadership – Leaders create more leaders. Everyone around us is a leader and we share a common vision and inspire others to create their own.
  3. Putting Others First – The other person’s need always comes first before our own. Being selfless means being generous enough to think less about ourselves and more about others.
  4. Patience – Patience is an art. This means understanding that it takes time to reach our goals, but continue to carry out every task to the best of our ability without being annoyed.
  5. Commitment – It means to give nothing less than our 100%. If we commit to something, there is no looking back. Our promise is to keep up to our word no matter what the circumstances maybe.
  6. Teamwork – We win or lose as a team. What is good for the team always comes first before what is good for the individual team member.
  7. Courage – Being courageous is to possess strength amid adversity. We believe in not being afraid to fail or make mistakes.
  8. Open Mindedness – The ability and willingness to learn with an open mind is paramount. Therefore, we trust in valuing and respecting the knowledge and views of others.
  9. Perseverance – It is to be resilient enough to never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Through every struggle, we do everything in our power to reach our goals.
  10. Flexibility – Is being able to swiftly adapt to situations and circumstances and constantly evolve to keep getting better.
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