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Get TVS Eurogrip Bike Tyres - Quality & Durability

Explore TVS Eurogrip tyres for bikes. Discover premium quality and durability. Find the best tires to enhance your riding experience. Shop now!

Quality Yuasa Bike Battery - Reliable Power Source

Discover the top-quality Yuasa bike battery designed for reliability and performance. Ensure your ride is powered by the best with our premium battery options.

Michelin Tyres for Bike and Car | Premium Quality Tyres

Explore our range of Michelin tyres for bikes and cars. Find top-quality tyres designed for optimal performance and safety on the road. Choose Michelin for reliability and durability.

Shinko Motorcycle Tyres - High Performance Tyres for Your Bike

Discover the best selection of Shinko Motorcycle Tyres for ultimate performance and durability on your bike. Find the perfect tyres to enhance your riding experience today!

Putoline Lubricants - High-Quality Oils for Motorcycles and Cars

Discover the superior performance of Putoline lubricants for motorcycles and cars. Our premium oils ensure optimal engine protection and enhanced vehicle longevity.

Maxxis Tyres for Motorcycle & Cars - High Performance and Durability

Discover the best Maxxis tyres for motorcycles and cars. Explore high-performance and durable options for your vehicles. Trust Maxxis for top-notch quality.

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Bengaluru, Shanti Nagar - August 30, 2024 - Special Edition

Did you know Torque Block also imports products from other countries for their customers?

Ever wanted premium international tyres or performance exhausts but couldn't find them locally? Torque Block is here to solve that. Whether it's Beast Alloys, Racegas, or FMF exhausts, our import services ensure you have access to top-tier products from the global market, making your dream upgrades easily accessible.

"We Should Quickly Import Foreign Parts For Our Vehicles Too"

~Is what all Motor-Heads are saying right now

Have a particular brand or product in mind? Let us know! We pride ourselves on fulfilling customer requests, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your vehicle. Click Here to contact us today to discuss your import requirements.

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